Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence and developing their social skills through play.

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves. We have high standards and expect the best.

Satrya U. Hadiwijoyo
Guru Pendidikan Agama Kristen

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Luh Sulastrini, S.Pd.
Guru Pendidikan Agama Hindu

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A.M. Redi Enny Sirinewati, S.Ag
Guru Pendidikan Agama Katholik

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Santika Sari, S.Ag
Guru Pendidikan Agama Budha

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Name Teacher Class
Holmes, Glen Professor Technology
Balley, Scott Professor History
Brown, Terry Ray Scientist Math
Jenkins, Roger Scientist Geography
Hargett, Kelly Teacher History
Higgins, Duston Teacher Language arts